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Starting the 8th of January, the medieval clock will be taken apart. became an administrative centre of the Old Town of Prague in 1338, when the estates acquired approval of king John of Bohemia to establish it. The most prominent ones receive copies of the city hall keys as a symbolic key to the capital city. There were several attempts to open tenders for completing the destroyed parts of the building, yet they were never realized.

It was here where the Czech noblemen elected Jiří of Poděbrady as a Bohemian king in 1458. Since 1871, weddings have been held at the city hall. Surprisingly, the fire did not destroy the elevator within the city hall’s tower, which was made in 1927 and it was a rare piece, which was in operation for a long time.

The astronomical clock is made up of three parts: at the top, there are mechanical figures. to 11.00 p.m., 12 apostles, each carrying his attribute, appear in the two windows below the small roof. The astronomical clock is divided into a calendar with a zodiac and a clock.

In the left window, viewed from the visitors, the first to appear is St. The calendar desk with allegories of months has been created in 1865 by Josef Mánes.

Yet the dominating style in the interiors and the exteriors is Gothic. It has a richly decorated Gothic portal and a window with the emblem of the Old Town and of the Bohemian kingdom.

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On the outside of the bay corner, there is a copy of a remarkable Gothic statue of the co called Old Town Madonna, and excellent example of sculptural art from the end of the 14Ogive arcades of the former cloisters are applied in the fronts of the council houses. Above the window, there is a full coat of arms of the Old Town of Prague cut in stone.

After the completion, Prague councilmen had him blinded in order to prevent him from building a copy. James with a washboard, and in the right window, it is St. He nods towards the Turk - allegory of Lust, who refuses by turning his head.

Master Hanuš took his revenge by stopping the astronomical clock. The Miser - allegory of Miserliness - nods his head with a pouch in his hand and shakes his cane in a threat, and the Vain man next to him - allegory of Vanity - looks at himself in the mirror.

The sculpture of the suffering Christ from 1410 named Ecce homo represents a valuable piece of Bohemian high Gothic and is placed on a late-Gothic richly carved bracket with an angel carrying an inscription Sons of man, judge justly (Juste iudicate filii hominis).

The town emblems are inserted in the portals above the door, and there are 46 guild and 12 town coats of arms hung on the wooden wall facing, partly from the 15 was modified in 1910 by architect Josef Chochol.

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