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Populaia judeului Neam la recensmintele anterioare: Conform Legii nr.

5 din 6 septembrie 1950, zona Neam a aparinut de raionul Bacu.

The piatra toponym (meaning rock in Romanian) was always part of the settlement's name throughout its history.

Other names that the city has been called are: Piatra lui Crăciun (Christmas Rock, thus also corresponding to the Hungarian name of the city, "Karácson-Kő"); Târgu Piatra (Rock Fair, Rock Market) (in the Middle Ages) or simply Piatra to which was added the county name Neamț (Neamț = German), to distinguish it from towns in other counties of the same name.

150), archaeological diggings unearthing important museum collections of Aeneolithic artifacts.

Piatra Neamț is linked by Romanian railway trunk number 509 to Bucharest and Iași, and by DN15 national road to Bacău (therefore DN2 to Bucharest), Iași, Suceava, and Târgu Mureș (Transylvania).

Exist relaii de colaborare cu Germania, Elveia, Olanda, Italia sau Danemarca.

) is the capital city of Neamț County, in the historical region of Moldavia, eastern Romania.

Judeul Neam este nfrit din 1991 cu regiunea Champagne-Ardenne, fiind primul jude care a realizat acest lucru cu o regiune occidental.

Numeroase comune s-au nfrit cu localiti din Frana sau Belgia.

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