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The registration requirements, he said, provide for public safety by providing “notice and information” about sexual offenders.

He believes the requirements under the sexual registration laws But the confusion concerning the sexual offender laws is not limited to Blair County.

Michael’s (2010-present).• Findings: Woman in 2003 reported that Bodziak “repeatedly engaged in sexual intercourse with her” in 1971 when she was 16 and living in foster care in Lock Haven. Patrick’s, Johnstown (1958-62 – also part-time instructor at Johnstown High School); Immaculate Conception, Lock Haven (1962-64); Most Holy Trinity, Huntingdon (1964); St. Joseph’s, Portage (1965-66); Most Precious Blood, Emeigh, and Holy Incarnate, Marsteller (1966-69); sick leave (1969-70); St. Edward’s, Barnesboro (1971); Corpus Christi, Dunlo (1971-72); St. Andrew’s, Johns-town (1964-65); Sacred Heart, Altoona (1965-67); St. Dan O’Neil testified before the grand jury and said “it was common knowledge that Carroll was molesting children,” the report said, and that Carroll had a “proclivity for sex with minors.”Rev. 14, 1947• Status: Suspended.• Assignments: Our Mother of Sorrows, Johnstown (1973-78); Our Lady of Victory, State College (1978-81); Holy Name, Ebensburg (1981-86); St. Matthew, Tyrone (1993-95); Visitation of the Blessed Virgin, Johnstown (1995-2000); St. Francis of Assisi, Johnstown (2000-2015); removed to from ministry due to investigation in October 2015. Kateri Tekak, Penns Valley (1987-2002); therapist evaluation and medical retirement, 2002.• Findings: Sodomization of a boy at Verona Feathers of Mount Claire, New Jersey, reported in a letter to Bishop Adamec in 2002; victim said Crouse would give him alcohol, and one time a second priest also molested him. Luke’s Institute (2003).• Findings: Arrested for indecent exposure in 1973 in Altoona; subject of federal child pornography investigation in 2003, admitted to FBI agents that he was “fascinated with male genitalia”; served 15 months in federal prison. Joseph Gaborek• Born: June 30, 1945• Status: Dismissed from priesthood• Assignments: St. 10, 2015, and pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked why a boy would lie about alleged abuse.

14, 2011• Assignments: Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament, Altoona (1956-68); St. Barnabas, Johnstown (1975-88); medical leave in 1988.• Findings: Report says he used alcohol to “render a 12- to 13-year-old boy compliant to his will”; fondled and anally raped the boy; was confronted by Bishop Adamec in 1988 about being an “active homosexual (who) associates with young males and has been seen in places frequented by gays”; Rev. Joseph’s Church in Portage in 1986; reported to Bishop Adamec 10 years later; Coleman denied the allegation and said he had been cleared after similar accusations in 1988 involving five seventh-grade boys. Joseph’s, Georgia (1964-65); Sacred Heart Seminary, Ohio (1965-68); Verona Feathers of Mount Claire, New Jersey (1968-70); Military Fort, Gordon, Georgia (1970-71); Long Bingh, Vietnam (1971-72); Fort Meade, Maryland (1972-75); Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico (1975-77); St. John Evangelist, Bellefonte (1979-80); chaplain at SCI-Rockview (1980-87); St. Joseph’s, Portage (1973-76); part-time religious teacher at Bishop Carroll High School, Ebensburg (1973-74); St. John Vianney Institute (1993-unknown); Office of Propagation of Faith, Hollidaysburg (1994); St. Peter and Paul, Philipsburg (2001-15); suspended from ministry, 2015.• Findings: While parish priest from 1975-77 at our Lady of Victory, State College, he sexually abused a 12- to 13-year-old boy; suspended by Bishop Mark Bartchak in February 2015; questioned by grand jury on Feb.

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Long, executive director of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys’ Association in Harrisburg.In July, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was faced with the challenge from a Cumberland County man, Jose Muniz, who was convicted during a trial by judge of two counts of indecent assault for improperly touching a 12-year-old girl.Although Muniz was convicted in 2007 when Megan’s Law III was in effect, he wasn’t sentenced until 2014, after SORNA became effective. Theresa and Altoona Hospital, Altoona (1973-74); Garvey Manor, Hollidaysburg (1974-75); Our Lady of Mercy, Mercy Hospital and Lee Hospital, Johnstown (1975); St. Mark’s and Penn State-Altoona Campus, Altoona (2000-unknown); senior priest (2011).• Findings: Fondled the genitals of a 10-year-old boy at St. 26, 1930• Died: July 11, 2009• Assignments: Combini College, Ethiopia (1959-64); St. Mary’s church; state police at Somerset investigated because victim’s “grandmother was pushing the issue,” Bishop Hogan wrote in “secret archives”; was seen with “youthful boys” in the Nanty Glo and Twin Rocks areas; “would have been prosecuted and convicted,” but was sent to Michigan for treatment; testified before grand jury on Feb. Robert Kelly• Born: March 2, 1948• Status: suspended from active ministry• Assignments: Our Lady of Victory, State College (1974-78); Our Mother of Sorrows, Johnstown (1978-79); chaplain at SCI-Rockview (1979-80); St. Joseph’s, Bellwood, and Our Lady of Lourdes, Altoona (1982-84); Our Lady of Victory, State College (1984-85); St. Patrick’s, Gallitzin (1986-87); Immaculate Conception, Lock Haven (1987-89); North American College, Rome (1989-92); Guest House Treatment Facility (1992-unknown); St. 28, 1948• Status: suspended from ministry• Assignments: St. Joseph’s, Portage (1985-88); Holy Family, Colver (1988-unknown); board of directors for Bishop Carroll High School (1988-unknown); St. Mary’s, Pocahontas (1981-84); sabbatical at Orchard Lake School (1984); St. Luke’s Institute (1987); suspended from ministry, 1988; dismissed from priesthood, 2004.• Findings: In 1982, sexually violated a 16-year-old boy who was working at St. Mary’s Church, Pocahontas – both during overnight stays at the rectory and in St. The emphasis is on the victim, the child,” whereas earlier “it was like you protect the institution, you protect the priest, teacher”; prosecuted for corruption of minors in 1998. Joseph’s, Renovo (1975-77); Holy Rosary Church, Juniata, and chaplain at Altoona Hospital (1977-78); St. Rose of Lima, Altoona (1961-63); part-time teacher at Bishop Mc Cort High School (1963-67); Catholic Charities, Altoona (1963-71); Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament, Altoona (1971-86); St. 23, 2015, said diocese put up “roadblocks” to investigation; grand jury found “alarming evidence that the Altoona police themselves turned a blind eye to Inman’s crimes,” while Hogan “made sure the diocese avoided public scrutiny and Inman avoided accountability.”Rev.

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