Santa rosa new mexico dating

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For three days, they toured wineries and lounged around the house, swimming in the backyard pool and enjoying the fine early autumn weather.

“We had three of the best days ever,” said son-in-law Luis Ocon.

Evacuees trying to connect with family and friends should check the organization's Safe and Well website: Community volunteers who want to help in relief efforts can sign up with the Red Cross: Cross Vol October2017Donations to help those affected by California wildfires and other disasters can be made at

The Ocons dropped their daughter off at a friend’s house in Petaluma, then spent all night and all morning searching evacuation sites and hospitals. Monday telling them to come, right away, to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Monica Ocon ran inside, but her husband spotted the firefighter, who waved him over.

He held her for hours, he later told his daughter and son-in-law.

The flames had burned out, and the smoke was clearing, when he let go.

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