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For more than 20 years the company has been cutting, sewing, and selling leather.

The store is a testament to its rising fame and the years of experience with a higher-end look and racks upon racks of jackets.

The second wave of settlers hunted the new cattle for their meat and skin and soon the Argentine leather industry was born.

Today there are more than 200 tanneries, which produce 45 million m2 of tanned hides a year in not only cow but also sheep and goat.

However, trapped between the uncharted inner Americas and the ocean, the colony was soon abandoned.

Silvia Eisele In a list of the top leather stores in Buenos Aires, Silvia Eisele should top it every time.The only downsides are the sometimes unfriendly staff and the price tags, as Murillo 666 tends to be pricier than most of the leather stores on the street.My father’s casual brown jacket cost US9 and the mint green women’s jacket is selling for 0 or roughly US0.This style of shopping guarantees the friendly and helpful service of most often Enrique and Silvia themselves.The rooms are filled with racks of leather jackets from the floor to the ceiling.

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