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This scene runs nine minutes but Luna keeps it interesting with her terrific acting.Even the last minute when the buzzsaw actually ravages her body (something that is not my cup of tea) was not gory enough to turn me off, and Luna screams wonderfully right to the very end.Scenes this long usually make me restless but not in this case, mostly because of Luna but also because the production values and camerawork are excellent and having the scene interspersed with shots of Galas struggling in her cage with Luna’s screaming in the background enhances the final effect.And of course there is the girl-on-girl scene in the middle which is very much to my taste.Her body gleaming with sweat, her legs thrashing as she desperately tried in vain to raise them from the hellish heat, the woman screamed loudly as a whip cracked over and over against her soft flesh. On the subject of the format here, I would love to be able to keep some type of chronology yet at the same time be able to directly respond to other postings in a thread.

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I get that you may enjoy the lesbian kissing, but I assure you, that would be the portion I'd be skipping over to get back to the GIMP action.I am still out there and I still have my interest in the subject, but for various reasons I have taken a major step back. Nonetheless, I happen to find Luna Vera very attractive, and seeing her as a GIMP is the reason I would check this one out.Lastly, on the subject of Net Neutrality, we can do our best to make a fuss with the FCC and Congress (obviously on a more general basis and not because of our concern that porn--or our particular kinks--could be tougher or more expensive to come by) and promote the freedom that the net has long been known for or merely hope for the best. I'm looking at your description and the caps and thinking...okay, the buzzsaw scene looks hot, but after that is a bunch of lesbian stuff, which usually bores me silly. Without having seen the film myself, I like that there appears to be a fair amount of suspense throughout the buzzsaw scene, and they give you the option of seeing Luna rescued (Boo!They hide in a bathroom shower clutching each other while the other baddy (Clockwork) washes up a few feet away.When Clockwork leaves, Luna shows her appreciation in a six minute make-out scene, before they find clothes and escape. But wait, there is an alternate ending in which Galas fails to escape and Luna is cut in half by the buzzsaw.

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