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Wilbur James Hallock was killed at the same time that Michale Vincent Sorter was killed on 19 June 1968. Thanks Terry Klinzing FROM THE WEB MASTER: It is with Honor that we have now added your brother, Sgt Thomas Lee Klinzing, to our Memorial Page.

I believe Sgt Hallock was assigned to the 377th USAF Dispensary at the time. I was well supported by the men that served with me. If you know his unit of assignment, then we will be more that glad to add that also. He was a twenty-five year old P-40 fighter pilot with the 6th Pursuit Squadron of the 18th Pursuit Group at Wheeler Field, Hawaii.

I did not see any mention of my unit, ( 10th Finance Co., U. Would like to hear from guys that served in my unit. Brown Name: Wilburn Mitchell Nov 21, 2002 URL: Comments: Hi, I left Shaw AFB with the 12th or 16th TRS, May 1965. Lots of memories and I have some pictures that may be of interest.

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He served at TSN from 1967-1968, Air Force Field Maintenance. Thanks Amy Serna Name: Richard Fulton Dec 01, 2002 URL: Comments: Charles -- It is great how the page has grown. And the same words of praise go to all the Association officers, to our PAO, and to our Chaplain, for caring, for keeping the flame of memory burning so brightly, and for letting America at large know how well it was served by all who went to Vietnam, and in our case, of course, who spent the tour at TSN. Also knew somebody in personnal and rotated out with 89 days left in service and got an early out. I strongly encourage those Viet Vets with diseases listed on the below VA website to file a compensation claim: Richard L.It was apparent that the VC, or NVA, used the highly visible lighted radar domes as their zeroing in point. 1966 - Jan.1967 and I am looking for the family of John M. He died December 4, 1966, at Tan Son Nhut, and I have tried in vain to get in contact with his family. Name: Tan Son Nhut Association Oct 23, 2002 URL: Comments: The Tan Son Nhut Association takes great pleasure in announcing our nine new members and welcome them aboard: 1. Sincerely, Danny Name: Wayne Salisbury Oct 11, 2002 URL: Comments: I have run across an article in the August 1967 issue of the 7th Air Force paper that was published at Tan Son Nhut.Needless to say, the star and tree were removed asap. Burke, John P., 460th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron 2. On page 3 there is an article about a husband and wife medical team stationed at TSN that were deeply involved in a civic action effort to improve the health of Vietnamese throughout the Go-Vap District in Gia Dinh Province.If I remember right they lived in what was an old Army camp called Camp Davis. Because of your efforts, in history, you all have contributed in making this country as great as it is. Such cancer is considered by the VA to be "service-connected" because of the Agent Orange sprayed in the Nam.Right now I am President of a Veterans Motorcycle Club. There are many other cancers, and more recently Diabetes Type 2 has been included, which are considered to be service-connected because of Agent Orange.

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