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Most fertility experts think of these as ovulatory problems.

All eggs in the ovaries are surrounded by supporting cells known as granulosae cells.

As an egg begins to mature in the ovary, the granulosae cells produce a small amount of fluid.

The term “follicle” refers to the small cyst that contains the egg, fluid and supporting cells.

A genetic defect can cause the receptor tio be abnormal and therefore the follicles are incapable of responding to the hormone. LH is a hormone that also stimulates the growth of follicles.

Like FSH, it acts though a recptor on the surface of the cells.

Some women with Turner’s syndrome will never have periods.

Others with a milder version may start to have periods as a teenager and then stop after a few months or years.

Premature ovarian failure (POF) affects approximately 1% of the female population.Ovulation drugs are ineffective in women with premature ovarian failure however.Menopause is defined as the “permanent cessation of menses; termination of menstrual life.” It generally occurs around the age of 50.POF, also known as primary ovarian insufficiency, is characterized by absence of menstrual bleeding, low estrogen levels, and possible onset of autoimmune diseases in women younger than 40 years. In fact, up to 5% of women with POF may conceive without any specific fertility treatment.The word “failure” does not accurately reflect the true nature of this disease. Thus, the preferred term now is ovarian insufficiency.

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