Forget me not a youth devotions on love and dating

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For it was not after we were reconciled to Him, by the blood of His Son that He began to love us; but He loved us, before the foundation of the world, that with His only begotten Son, that we too, might be sons of God; before we were anything at all."The death Danna's mother, had taken a tremendous toll on Danna and her family.

And although the pain of that lost, would constantly ripple throughout their hearts and minds; know that it would be Danna's sisters, that would end up having more of a really rough time, when it came to dealing with the sudden loss of their mother.

From within this short devotion, Danna reminds us, that the Lord has paid a tremendous price on our behalf, when it comes to the gift of eternal salvation that He was able to lay down before us because of His ultimate sacrifice.

So we must not make the mistake of giving up on Him.

And this is why Danna urges us, to renew that special relationship with the Lord today.

Here's a Short Devotion that reminds us just how privileged, God has made us from within His own wonderful creation.

For we find Danna pointing out the fact, that no other creature shares the same type of relationship with Him, the way that we do.

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