First year dating anniversary poem

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The wintery seasons can make or break your marriage.

They actually teach you how to problem solve, and if you can do that and communicate in a healthy way it will definitely strengthen your marriage. Some seasons last longer than others, but you can work your way out of some of them if you abide by godly principles. Keep boundaries with your family One of the biggest things about marriage is that you are now starting your own family unit which now takes priority.

But the honeymoon will end, as life hits you with its twists and turns.

The high of dating and being infatuated ends and then you have to learn how to do life together.

Depending on your family this can become tricky, but one tip that my wife and I learned from a counselor was this.

Do not share all of your marital drama with your parents b/c it will inadvertently affect how they treat your spouse.

By the grace of God, my wife and I just reached seven years of marriage together. A roller coaster with plenty of twists, turns, and bumps.

But through those years I have gained some knowledge, and inspired by my wife I decided I would like to share some things with you.

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