Esx 4 1 ntp not updating

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edit: You asked the question a few times without answer.

Definitely set your bios to UTC, and try time sync again. The main reason for the non ntp sync, was purely an error on my behalf.

When I log into vsphere client, each server has a different time.

Is there a command to force an update from the ntp time server? Could it have something to do with my server's date / time being put in AEST time instead of utc?

For example I was planning to do this article next: Synchronizing ESXi/ESX time with a Microsoft Domain Controller (1035833) Would that be the best solution?

Yes, that VMware KB highlights on of the issues between different versions of NTP. Here is a Microsoft KB for configuring various parameters on your DC for external NTP source (second option). We have around 90 Windows PCs and various devices on the LAN.

In regards to the dns, i can access the hostname of the server via ip address and hostname i set up, also, have an alternate dns that points to the outside world to resolve the ntp server addresses. If you set it to AEST ( 10/11), then its 10/11 hours ahead, and may fail to sync NTP as the discrepancy is too high.

In my short experience, it's not a good idea to use the ESXi NTP to synchronise time for a Windows domain with VM DCs.

Have the domain DC synch to the external NTP server, and all other servers and workstations then synch to DC.

If your DNS and default gateways are not configured properly then you might not be able to synchronize with the NTP server as request wont be able to reach the NTP servers.

NOTE :- It takes 5-10 minutes to synchronize to internet time servers, wait before you perform any kind of troubleshooting.

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