Dating game parody

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Today I learned that competitive dating sims not only exist, but are wildly specific in their focus.At least that’s the impression I came away with after checking out the Kickstarter campaign for Beautiful Glitch’s Monster Prom.You know, just in case you don’t have a handful of friends willing to help you romance a vampire hipster.

Artwork currently consists solely of snapshots from anime series, since my drawing is even worse than my writing.

She tries to write up fanfiction when she has the time.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up living in the same dorm with some of my cute female juniors from university. Mar 30, 2008 • 30 minutes • A short comedy about two children's TV show hosts. Marie, freshly hired and very friendly; the other is an excitable chipmunk puppet named Miss Bandit who has been on the show for years. Note: Version 2 has improved graphics and updated content over this version. Jul 25, 2009 • 3,000 words • A simple slice-of-life Visual Novel from the point of a view of a computer-savvy transfer student at the Camelia All-Girls Academy.

The campaign is a little unclear about how the multiplayer mechanics work.

There is also no mention of how the single player experience measures up.

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