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The theme of Creation Weekend 2017 was “In Science and Faith, Worldview Matters”. This work resulted from a collaboration with geneticist Dr. Many people in modern society find Darwin’s conclusions extremely appealing: the idea that competition in nature ought to lead to organisms better suited to the environment.

Many people, in previous years, had indicated in questionnaires that they would be interested in presentations on apologetics. ” Read the rest of this entry » Creation Science Association of Alberta is delighted to announce two wonderful speakers for Creation Weekend on Friday October 20 and Saturday October 21, 2017. This session will be aimed at youth and young adults. Following his introductory lecture on Friday evening (“How language powerfully affirms God’s reality”) [described in the previous issue of ], he continued the next morning with “Mendel’s Accountant: Why Darwinism Fails”.

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He has used his expertise to develop computer models to study many aspects of our world.

Why does it matter and how does it apply to our lives? Ed., is scheduled to speak on “How the Authority of Scripture Impacts Science”. John Byl, professor from Trinity Western University in Langley, B. His research interests include astronomy, physics, mathematics and the interaction between Christian faith and science, he has lectured in a large number of countries all over the world. John Baumgardner addressed large appreciative crowds at CSAA’s Creation Weekend in October 2016.

While this is reasonable, there are limits to how far this idea can take us. John Baumgardner came to Edmonton after having delivered lectures in the Lower Mainland of B. In Edmonton he delivered four lectures to large appreciative audiences. Baumgardner set the context by declaring that in our society today, secular science is used as a weapon to draw young people away from their early Christian training. Baumgardner illustrated this with images of five castles, strongholds deployed in a battle against the knowledge of God.

Find out more: Creation Weekend 2016 Features World Class Scientist Dr. John Baumgardner is one of the world’s leaders in terms of significant contributions to science.

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