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Assaults are frequently perpetrated in unofficial taxis, which should be avoided.

Hold-ups and robberies can occur on Brazil’s trains.

If you are threatened by robbers, comply with their demands.

Victims have been seriously injured or killed when resisting perpetrators, who may be armed and/or under the influence of drugs.

Incidents of opportunistic crime increase significantly at large-scale, high-profile sporting events, international conferences and in the period leading up to and during public festivities where tourists gather, such as the annual Carnival and New Year’s (Reveillon) celebrations.

Tourists are more vulnerable to crime when they look and act like tourists, so try to blend in.

Flash mob robberies have also been known to occur in crowded restaurants in São Paulo. Robberies occur regularly, even during the day, and are sometimes violent and at gun- or knifepoint.

Armed robberies at restaurants are a growing concern, particularly in larger cities.

If you do become a victim of a crime, report it to the tourist police (Delegacia de Atendimento Ao Turista, or DEAT) to ensure that local authorities can conduct an investigation.

Operations are underway in neighbourhoods and main roads throughout the city.

Be particularly vigilant as the situation remains fluid. Rates of both petty crime and violent crime, including homicide, are highest in urban centres, including Rio de Janeiro (or Rio), São Paulo, Brasilia, Recife and Salvador, and particularly in areas adjacent to impoverished neighbourhoods (see Favelas, below).

Avoid walking on isolated and unsupervised beaches with poor visibility from the sidewalk.

Use caution when travelling by car or by bus at night in the outskirts of major cities, where there is a risk of roadside robberies.

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