800a0cb3 current recordset does not support updating

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Also, in the query it is at the right position, means uid is right, and exists in the table. Update End Sub Private Sub Form_Load()6 Set cn = New ADODB.

/newbudgetamountprocess.asp, line 24 that is beautiful and looks like it will work really well. I have klearned more talking to you than I have all week. Roxanne Now I am making a worksheet to update the same records we deposited during the last page. I am getting an error that says: Provider error '80020005' Type mismatch.Do this by adding a WHERE clause to your sql statement that will never be true: something like " ....WHERE 1=2" And lastly, a venal sin: using selstar in production code: Update orrs_"persons",ad Key Set,ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table Which is the way msdn opens recordsets for update (and slightly faster than 'select * from ...').I am trying to up date a record but get the following error. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. The only problem left is that the budgeted total value isn't depositing into the database. before the budgeted total and it came back saying Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Budgetedtotal' You don't know how much you have helped me. You are very benevolent and I appreciate you very much.

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